01. Police have [charged] him with theft.
02. The authorities have decided not to press [charges] due to a lack of evidence.
03. The [charge] of murder was reduced to manslaughter.
04. The elephant [charged] at the tiger, chasing it away.
05. The soldiers [charged] the enemy's position.
06. If I withdraw money from a different bank's cash machine, there is a $1.50 [charge].
07. The bank [charges] $20 for any check that is returned.
08. I don't have any cash on me. I'll have to [charge] it.
09. The general shouted, "Charge!" and the soldiers moved quickly forward.
10. The President is denying [charges] that he lied to the committee.
11. The children [charged] across the playground, laughing and shouting with excitement.
12. The horses were nervous and began [charging] around the pasture.
13. It takes about five hours to [charge] the batteries.
14. The battery lost its [charge], so the radio doesn't work.
15. Can you plug in the battery [charger] so the batteries are ready for tomorrow?
16. The atmosphere in the room was [charged] with excitement as the votes were counted.
17. The [charge] against him was dropped when someone else confessed to the crime.
18. The enemy [charged] their camp, and over twenty soldiers were killed.
19. Henderson set the [charge] on the dynamite and then drew back to safety.
20. The hotel [charges] $150 a night for a room with two double beds.
21. I checked your battery and the [charge] is low, so you'd better think about getting a new one.
22. I [charged] the jacket on your credit card.
23. The camp leader took his young [charges] on a two-hour hike around the lake.
24. The teacher asked her assistant to take their young [charges] outside for a game of frisbee.
25. There is no [charge] for admission to the nightclub if you get there before 9:00.
26. A waiter's tips are considered [chargeable] earnings on their tax form.
27. He was [charged] with murdering his business partner.
28. Police have brought a [charge] of assault against the young man accused of beating up a classmate.
29. The CEO of the company stated that the [charges] of corruption levelled against him were totally false.
30. Police on horseback [charged] into the crowd of people.
31. The young boy [charged] up the stairs with excitement.
32. My ex-wife has [charge] of the children for the week, but I see them on weekends.
33. A Finnish Proverb notes that the world is a good teacher, but it [charges] a huge fee.
34. The electric eel carries the strongest electrical [charge] of any animal on Earth.
35. The red capes used in bullfights are only red for tradition - studies show that bulls will [charge] at any color.
36. In Japan, some restaurants serve smaller portions to women even though the [charge] is the same as a men's portion.
37. I've heard that in Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal, sex trade workers have to [charge] tax.
38. The sun gives off a stream of electrically-[charged] particles called the solar wind.
39. Les Brown once stated that life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and [charge] after them in an unstoppable manner.
40. Oscar Wilde once suggested that the salesman knows nothing of what he is selling save that he is [charging] a great deal too much for it.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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